Command Description
!clear Clears the messages in a channel.
!ban Bans an user from the server.
!kick Kicks an user from the server.
!broadcast Sends a private message to every user in the server.
!serverinfo Displays information of the server.
!userinfo Displays information of an user.
Auto Roles
Command Description
!roleadd Adds a role to an user (own allocation).
!roleremove Removes a role from an user (own allocation).
!roleadd2 Adds a role to an user (delegates role).
!roleremove2 Removes a role from an user (delegates role).
Economy System
Command Description
!credits Displays how many credits an user has.
!trade Trade credits to another user
!creditsadd Adds credits to an user.
!creditsremove Remove credits from an user.
Experience System
Command Description
!topxp Displays users with most experience in the server.
!experience Displays how much experience an user has.
Command Description
Command Description
!giveawayinfo Displays info on a giveaway.
!giveawayjoin Join a giveaway.
!giveawayclose Closes an open giveaway.
!giveawaylist Lists the open giveaways.
!giveawayhistory Displays giveaway history.
League of Legends
Command Description
!lolinfo Shows player rank and tier.
Command Description
!calc Calculates a given input.
!gametime Displays the game time that the user has accumulated.
!joke Tells you a joke.
!say The bot says the same thing.
!translate Translates a phrase to another language.
!gif Searches for and displays a GIF.
!memelist Displays the top 100 memes.
!memegen Displays a custom, user-generated meme.
!memesearch Used to search for memes by keyword. Looks for keywords in meme name.
!memeinfo Displays a meme image.
!img Searches for and displays an image.
!coin Flips a coin.
!roll Rolls a dice.
!8ball A magic ball.
!choice Chooses between options.
!challenge Challenges an user to a fight.
!rip Displays an user-generated gravestone.